deep secrets - Season 1 Episode 18

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9:18 pm, Everest Lane
Martin Sekibo Stepped out of a
drink bar half drunk and
flanked by two harlots.
Tottering on his feet he asked
the two sex workers, “What do
you want?” The ladies, giggling
like 12 century Arabian wh0r£s,
drew closer to him, pressed
their supple b-----s against him
and answered, “To make you
happy sir.” One of them ran her
fingers on his head while the
other took his right hand and
dug it into her underwear and
whispered, “I am all for you sir.”
At that, Martin Sekibo seemed to
spark with enthusiasm. “Let us
not waste time talking then. I
am eager to get into action. Are
you sure the two of you can
handle me? Shouldn’t we get
one more lady?” Martin asked,
still swaying infirmly on his feet.
“We are more than you can
handle alone sir. Just wait till we
get into a hotel room, you will
beg us to stop,” one of the sex
workers replied. Martin Sekibo
reached into his pocket and
removed his car key and
headed for his car. The ladies
restrained him and said, “You
can’t drive us sir in this
condition, let us use a taxi to a
One of them moved closer to
the road and waved to no taxi
in particular. A yellow taxi
packed in one corner of the
street drove to where one of
the sex workers stood, the
driver jumped out of his car and
helped the sex workers to move
Mr. Sekibo into the taxi. To keep
him entertained, one of the
harlots stripped off her top
garment and allowed Martin
Sekibo to play with her b-----s,
while the other quickly typed
the following message on her,
“We have secured the package.
Right now we are on our way
to Orange Resort. Meet us in
room 17.” A few streets away
from Everest Lane, Chucks and
the detectives working with
him drove off in their Chevrolet
SUV, heading for Everest Lane.
Behind the Chevrolet SUV was
Stanley and one of Maxwell’s
guards. Calmly they followed
9: 35 pm, Emilia’s House
A taxi pulled up in front of
Emilia’s house and Leroy
stepped out and headed for the
gate. While he knocked at the
gate, the taxi drove away. A few
seconds after his knock, the
gate opened from inside and he
hurried in. On the street a taxi
pulled up not too far from
Emilia’s house. In the taxi were
Eve and the helmsman. After
Chucks dropped off Leroy, Chucks dropped off Leroy, they
had split up to follow both of
them, Stanley did not like the
idea of letting Eve out of his
sight, but keeping tabs on the
guy who shot them seemed like
the only thing that could relieve
Eve’s boiling temper. It was dark
and so they could not see the
street number of the house
Leroy walked into. Opening the
taxi door, Eve offered, “Let me
go check the house number.”
The helmsman grabbed her
hand and pulled her back into
the car, “You should be dead by
now; people are not meant to
see you walking about in the
street. Let me do it,” he said.
“Not everyone thinks I and my
husband are dead,” Eve
countered. “People finding out
you are still alive is not good for
you. I will go get the house
number,” the helmsman
insisted while stepping out of
the taxi. Pretending to be
resident around the area, the
helmsman ambled toward
Emilia’s gate. He had a small
torch light. When he got close
enough he flashed the torch on
the ground as if he was looking
for something he may have
dropped to the ground.
In-between his search for
nothing, he raised the torch
light on the wall of the building
and the gate; as soon as he
spotted the number of the
house he quickly pointehouse he quickly pointed his
light back on the ground. The
Helmsman lingered around for a
while still pretending he was
looking for something. Satisfied
he had drawn no attention to
himself, he bent down and
picked a small stone from the
ground and headed back to
their taxi. When he reached the
taxi, he let the stone drop to the
ground and joined Eve in the
taxi. “Did you get it?” Eve asked.
“Yes, it is 218 Bolaji Farawe
street. I am sending it to our
guy right away so he can find
out who owns the house or
who is living in it.”
Inside the house, Leroy was
sitting alone at the dining table.
As if he was edgy, he tapped his
fingers nervously on the table.
Emilia was still to come out to
see him. He was told she was
on the phone with someone,
but he didn’t believe it. Emilia
was in bed with a man he
assumed. Just when Leroy was
thinking to leave, Emilia
descended from the staircase
and dashed toward him,
showing just how athletic she
was. She was clad in a bum shot
and an armless see-through
top, which did well to show off
her enhanced mammary
appendages. Leroy looked at
those appendages hungrily and
then turned his attention to
why he was there. Emilia liked it
a lot when men show signs of
lust toward her, and so she
stood a while to let Leroy have a
fill of her b-----s. Seeing Leroy
had other thoughts on his
mind, she sat down and
apologized, “I am sorry I kept
you waiting for long. I was on
the phone with someone… now
tell me, how much does Chucks
know?” “He knows nothinknow?” “He knows nothing. He
is chasing shadows,” he lied.
Emilia studied him suspiciously
for a while and asked, “Are you
sure about? I have someone
else watching him. He thinks
Chucks knows a lot. In fact, he
recommended we kill him
Leroy held his nerves,
determined not to give anything
away. “Who told you that crap?
Chucks knows nothinChucks knows nothing. He
doesn’t even know Eve and
Stanley are still alive! He does
not know who goes by the
name Emilia. He still thinks Steve,
Mayo and Bimpe are saints. He
is getting only the s--t we feed
him… why do I feel Martin
Sekibo is the one watching
Chucks for you?” “He is the one.
Why would he lie to me?” “I see.
He lied to you because he wants
more money and so gives you
the information which would
make you part with the money
he wants.” Emilia was angry
and seemed suspicious of
Leroy. Leroy could see it. If
Emilia would find out he was
lying to her, he knew he was
dead meat. Willing to wriggle
out of Emilia’s noose, he
decided to distract her. He fixed
his gaze at her b-----s and
licked his lips. It worked, Emilia’s
tough look loosened a bit.
Taking it one step further, he
stretched forth his hand and
fondled her, b-----s. That was
quite a big risk, knowing
Emilia’s temper. To his shock,
Emilia m0aned like a woman
who had been in an hour long
foreplay. She lowered her head
and took in a sustained breath.
The sex demon in her had just
be awakened.
Still not willing to jump into the
sack with her, Leroy broached
an interesting subject, “Steve
might be looking to cut a deal
with Billy Sekwa and the
governors and sell you off. I also
think Mayo is up to something
but I don’t know yet what it is.”
Swiftly switching back to her
angry look, Emilia asked in
shock, “Are you serious? Steve
can’t snitch on me to Billy and
the governors! He can’t!” Emilia
was having a confusing storm
of emotions on the inside of
her. One wanted to have a
foreplay with Leroy while
another wanted to put a bullet
through Steve’s head. Seeing he
had succeeded in distracting
her, Leroy suggested, “I know
you are smelling blood already,
but you have to take it slow. We
have to be sure of his moves
first. Are you aware he was at
the nightclub the night Jimmy
was killed?” Leroy was hoping
she would tell him she sent
Steve to kill Jimmy, Maxwell’s
half-brother, who was going to
sell some information to some
big shots in the videos.
“I am glad Jimmy is dead. I don’t
care who killed him. He was
going to mess things up for us,”
she lied. Leroy could tell she
knew much more than she was
letting him know. “I did not kill
Jimmy. Someone else did and
took the information he had on
him. I believe you know this
Emilia.” Emilia wasn’t listening,
the sex demon in her was now
fully awake, she was having a
tough time keeping her
compulsive desire for sex under
control. She seductively slipped
her right hand into her bum
shot and m0aned like a Roman
sex slave. Leroy knew it was
time to bolt. He didn’t want any
of her perverted orgies.
However, on a second he
decided to sit back and take a
chance on satisfying Emilia. He
thought, “If I satisfy her, she is
going to do everything she can
to protect me and might let me
in on some of the things she
knows.” He sashayed closer to
her and began to remove her
clothes. A maniacal smile broke
on Emilia’s face as she
submitted her body completely
to Leroy. Leroy had just begun
to swim with the sharks, he had
better know how to fend them
off when they get mad. Two
hours later Eve and the
Helmsman drove back to meet
up with Stanley. They just could
not continue to wait for Leroy
to come out.
10:22 pm, Orange Resort
The two sex workers were on
the bed with Martin Sekibo,
taking him on a sexual journey
beyond his bent cravings. One
of the ladies had purposely left
the door unlocked. While Mr.
Sekibo enjoyed the filth, the
ladies unleashed on him, Chucks
and two of his men sneaked
into the room. When one of the
sex workers saw Chucks, she
touched her colleague and they
left for the bathroom. Sekibo
was angry with the ladies for
leaving. While he pleaded with
them to continue what they
were doing with him, Chucks
and his men stepped into his
view with guns in their hands.
Sekibo made a dash for his
trouser, hoping to reach for his
gun which was not there.
Chucks and his men allowed
him to waste his time. Seeing he
had no gun to fight; Sekibo
threw a lame punch at Chucks.
Chucks parried it smartlyChucks parried it smartly and
then twisted his arm backward.
Forcing him to the ground, he
crushed his fingers with his
heavy boot. Sekibo let out a
scream and the men with
Chucks stifled his cry by placing
a pillow to his mouth. Quickly
his hands and feet were tied,
and his mouth covered. Still
naked, he was lifted off the
ground and sat on a chair.
Mr. Sekibo was scared stiff not
knowing what was coming
next. While he watched, the two
sex workers came out of the
bathroom naked and asked
Chucks for their money. To
Sekibo’s dismay, Chucks
counted out their money and
paid them. He could see that the
two sex workers were used to
get to him. The sex workers
tried to get into their clothes
and hurry off, but Chucks
stopped them and asked them
to watch the door and to turn
back anyone who came to the
door asking for anything. The
ladies were happy to do that for
a little more pay. Without their
clothes on, they moved over to
the sit-out near the door, sat
down and began to watch
television. At the restaurant in
the hotel, Stanley and the
guards with him sat, sipping
beer and taking their time to
make their next move. Some
minutes later, Eve and the
Helmsman joined them and they
began to share information
about their investigations. As
the meeting wore on, the
Helmsman intermittently
glanced at his watch. His mind
was somewhere else. He had
need to meet with his men to
device plans to kill Bimpe’s
husband as Maxwell demanded.

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